Cofetel outlines plans to consolidate local calling areas

22 Mar 2013

Mexican telecoms regulator Cofetel has unveiled proposals to consolidate the country’s local dialling areas (areas de servicio local, ASLs). Under the plans, the watchdog has said that it expects to see the number of ASLs reduced from 397 to 173 over an 18-month period. Claiming that the move will lead to significant savings for customers, in detailing the plans Cofetel noted that more than half of the existing calling areas currently offer no choice of provider, with just a single operator active in 199 of the ASLs. As part of the draft bill the regulator has said that each ASL will be required to have a point of interconnection, thereby allowing the entry of additional players, and increasing the choice of providers to customers. Further, it expects that such increased competition will also help drive down prices.