APT looking to boost subscribers as it focuses on data communications

21 Mar 2013

Asia Pacific Telecom (APT), Taiwan’s sole CDMA2000 operator, has said that it aims to boost the number of subscribers on its books to three million by the end of 2013, up from the 2.8 million that it currently has. The Digitimes reports that, with the operator having focused on the transition from voice to data communications, it also looking to double mobile internet accesses from around 400,000 to 800,000 by the end of 2013. To achieve these targets, the cellco has said it plans to procure between 800,000 and one million handsets for contract-bundled sale this year, of which between 60% and 70% will be smartphones.

APT has also confirmed that it intends to file an application for listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange at the end of this month.

Taiwan, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT)