O3b Networks announces capacity deal with unnamed DRC ISP

20 Mar 2013

Channel Islands-based satellite service provider O3b Networks has announced what it describes as a major long-term capacity deal providing highly resilient and affordable capacity to ‘the leading ISP in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’. The agreement will provide for over 500Mbps of ultra-low-latency capacity to deliver high speed broadband services throughout the country, which is home to more than 70 million people. As part of the agreement, O3b’s next generation IP trunking solution will be deployed to provide international capacity in addition to offering mobile backhaul services to connect both urban hubs and villages. Omar Trujillo, VP Africa for O3b Networks, commented: ‘Kinshasa and neighbouring Brazzaville are home to more than twelve million people who until now have been without broadband connectivity. By delivering highly affordable and ubiquitous bandwidth with the performance and speed of fibre, DRC will instantaneously move from one of the worst connected to one of the best connected places on the planet, spurring rapid economic and social development in the region’.

Although the satellite firm is remaining tight-lipped regarding the ISP’s identity, TeleGeography assumes that the company in question is WiMAX/VSAT provider Microcom; in January 2009 the company signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with O3b for its Quick Start managed services product.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Microcom (DRC), O3b Networks