GTA unveils refreshed brand identity

14 Mar 2013

Following a strategic review of its operations, GTA, a provider of fixed and mobile telephony, internet access and digital television services in Guam, has announced a complete rebranding that includes the launch of a new logo, tagline (‘Sail Thru Life’) and redesigned website. In addition, changes to GTA’s retail stores, network improvements, and new product and service launches are planned for the near future. ‘We rebranded GTA to demonstrate our company’s continued commitment to the island of Guam,’ said Andrew Gayle, GTA chief operating officer, adding: ‘While GTA is a well-known and trusted company with decades of service on Guam, we believe that these changes are necessary in order to continue to grow, compete effectively in today’s market, and improve the relationship between our people and the products and services we provide.’ Previously, GTA used various sub-brands to identify each of its products, but the new brand will unify all of GTA’s services, including wireless (previously offered under the MPulse Wireless sub-brand), internet (Spyder Broadband) and digital TV (GUdTV). ‘We now have a consistent identity across everything we do and it is deeply rooted in our desire to be the communications brand that is at the heart of our community,’ Gayle added.

Guam, GTA