True upgrading to 100G platform

12 Mar 2013

Thailand’s True Corp has earmarked THB100 million (USD3.4 million) to upgrade its core network and offer speeds of 100Gbps, to enable it to cope with demand for the next three years, said Vasu Khunvasi, general manager of the group’s True Internet division, who added that the upgraded network will have a maximum capacity of 400Gbps. As reported by The Bangkok Post, True is using Cisco’s Nexus 7000 switching system for what it calls ‘Asia’s first 100Gbps IP network’, and says the new technology could ease internet bottleneck problems and reduce the number of fibre-optic connectors from twelve to four, cutting costs by at least 20%. Mr Vasu said the upgrade is aimed at accommodating the group’s future services based on video and the cloud. Cellular division True Move/True Move H is preparing a new personal mobile storage service, and True Internet plans to offer on-demand videoconferencing and pay-per-use software. Thailand’s internet traffic is expected to triple in 2013, driven by the launch of 2100MHz 3G/4G networks in the second quarter by True and rivals AIS and DTAC, representing faster growth than in recent years when traffic has roughly doubled annually, Vasu added. The average fixed line retail broadband customer of True Internet currently has a 12Mbps connection, while the operator’s corporate customers have speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 1Gbps. Vasu stated that the onset of digital TV with high-definition content will be the key factor driving increased bandwidth consumption in the next two years.

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