Telkom Indonesia profits climb 17% in FY12

7 Mar 2013

Indonesia’s largest telecoms operator by subscribers and revenue, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia), has reported that net profits climbed 17% year-on-year to IDR12.85 trillion (USD1.3 billion) from IDR10.96 trillion in FY 2011, fuelled by revenue growth and efficiency savings. The carrier said that revenues rose by 8.3% to IDR77.14 trillion last year from IDR71.25 trillion a year earlier, as operational costs increased 2.6% from IDR16.37 trillion to IDR16.80 trillion. Further, Telkom booked an IDR2.56 trillion ‘non-operational’ income in fiscal 2012, compared to a figure of IDR665 billion in 2011, which boosted the bottom line. Telkom finance director Honesti Basyir said that non-operational income was attributed to its non-telecommunication businesses, including pay-TV, tower leasing, directory services, its Universal Service Obligation (USO) and income from customer-premises equipment (CPE).

Operationally, Telkom Indonesia closed out 2012 with a total of 171 million subscribers, up 32% from 129.8 million at end-December 2011. Of these, some 125.1 million are mobile customers, up 17% year-on-year. Broadband users increased by 82.8% last year, including 2.3 million fixed broadband and eleven million wireless broadband connections. Meanwhile, as many as 5.8 million people were BlackBerry users, 8.9 million had a fixed landline and 17.9 million were fixed-wireless (TelkomFlexi) users. Honesti says that Telkom expects to book further growth and exceed the industry’s average growth in fiscal 2013. ‘For the top line, we are targeting about a 7% to 8% increase. For the number of subscribers, we are targeting double-digit growth and this growth will depend on competition in the market,’ Honesti said.

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