Eircom CEO says NGN is ‘future proofed’ for FTTH

6 Mar 2013

The new chief executive officer of Eircom, Herb Hribar, has said that as part of the group’s plan to deploy fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) that will enable 1.2 million Irish homes and businesses can get broadband access of up to 70Mbps by 2014, the infrastructure will be ‘future-proofed’ to enable fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity. SiliconRepublic quotes Hribar as saying that if the economic environment in the country improves sufficiently to make an FTTH upgrade viable, the technology could potentially see households and businesses receiving connection speeds of between 100Mbps and 200Mbps available in many parts of the country.

The carrier is in the throes of an upgrade programme designed to roll out a next generation network (NGN) bringing fibre to local street cabinets (FTTC), with legacy copper wires providing the link to the individual property via VDSL. Eircom’s NGN currently passes 230,000 Irish homes – a figure that will climb to 300,000 when new next generation broadband services are launched in May. Going forward, the telco aims to deliver coverage to one million homes by end-2014, rising to 1.2 million soon after. To further augment its data-based offerings. The CEO added that by end-2014 it will have added its first 4G mobile services as it looks to promote a quad-play offer to drive future revenue growth.

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