National fibre backbone progress ongoing

4 Mar 2013

Rwandan newspaper New Times reports that Broadband Systems Corporation (BSC) has begun offering fibre-based services for businesses and institutions in the country. Under the first two phases of the project, all of the country’s 30 districts, eleven border posts, government buildings and other key buildings have been connected to the national fibre backbone, which now spans 3,000km. The third phase will be to extend the cable further into the country, in partnership with local ISPs including Tigo, Airtel, ALTEC-Stream, ISPA and 4G Networks. BSC’s CEO Antoine Sebera said that previously the only reliable way to access the internet was via satellite at high cost. The executive added that with the national fibre backbone in place, the cost per megabyte had gradually reduced from USD2,500 before 2009 to USD125 in 2012, and suggested that this will fall further as the number of subscribers increases. The national fibre backbone is also interconnected with the Kigali Metropolitan Network (KMN).