Biznet to invest USD50m in internet and multimedia data

4 Mar 2013

Indonesia’s Supra Primatama Nusantara, which offers fixed line internet and multimedia services in the country through the Biznet Networks brand, plans to invest about USD50 million to build a data centre and to expand its internet service customer base and multimedia networks. Supra Primatama was created in 2000 to offer networking, internet, data centre and more recently cloud computing, and is also supplying subscription-based TV services, supported by its fibre-optic infrastructure. With a list of internet/networking servicing customers that includes Bank Central Asia, Bank Mandiri, BHP Billiton, Coca Cola and Citibank, using Biznet for their Internet and networking services, the Biznet brand has about 5,000km of fibre-optic conduits in Java and Bali, the two islands that support the bulk of commercial activity in Indonesia. In addition, the company’s pay-TV service is available to around 53,000 homes in its network.

In an interview with The Jakarta Globe, the operator says it is looking to double the reach of its fibre-optic conduits and cables to 10,000km, and expand pay-TV coverage to as many as 250,000 Indonesian households. To achieve this, Supra Primatama is prepared to spend USD50 million, matching an investment made in fiscal 2012.

Indonesia, Biznet Networks