TTK consolidates regional assets to boost national presence

28 Feb 2013

TransTeleCom (TTK) has announced the completion of an across-the-board buyout of 18 regional subsidiaries formerly owned by Russian Railways, previously TTK’s sole shareholder. According to East-West Digital News in order to accomplish the task, TTK has sold RUB1.069 billion (USD34.9 million) worth of newly created shares to Russian Railways, which paid with its stakes in the 18 companies. The telco’s network spans from the western enclave of Kaliningrad next to the Baltic Sea to Sakhalin Island, which is situated in the North Pacific and administered as part of the Sakhalin Oblast. The idea of consolidating Russian Railway’s telecom assets was first floated three years ago.

TTK claims to operate Russia’s largest fibre-optic communications line (FOCL), which spans 75,000km and has a bandwidth of 1.5TBps. The telco also presides over fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure covering an estimated 3.7 million Russian households. As of mid-February 2013, before the conclusion of the regional merger, TTK served approximately 1.1 million broadband subscribers.

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