SPTC will Fix it: controversial fixed-wireless devices back in action?

28 Feb 2013

The Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) is considering relaunching its controversial ‘FixedFone’ fixed-wireless services, the Times of Swaziland reports. Last year the company came under fire for encroaching on MTN Swaziland’s mobile business by allowing customers to drive the bulky devices around in their cars and use them in different geographical regions to make use of the service’s cut-price calling tariffs; SPTC dismissed these occurrences as ‘anomalies’, but withdrew them from the market following legal action.

The state-owned body, which operates in the often-incongruous dual role and regulator and fixed line incumbent, eventually stopped selling its contentious products in May 2012, initially pledging to do so on the eve of a hearing at the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva in March 2012.