Telkom Kenya announces USD45m ‘transformation’ from copper to fibre

25 Feb 2013

Telkom Kenya (Orange) has revealed that work is underway on a nationwide ‘transformation programme’ that will see the firm replace its copper cables with fibre infrastructure in order to enhance network reliability in the face of rising cable cuts and vandalism. The initiative, which will cost around KES4 billion (USD45.1 million) to implement, began late last year in Nairobi’s Upper Hill and Milimani districts. Telkom has indicated that all buildings that have been mapped out in the Milimani area will have their copper cabling replaced with fibre by the end of 1Q13. Upper Hill has reportedly been prioritised because it is home to a number of office blocks occupied by various government ministries, large corporations, NGOs and multinational firms, as well as diplomatic missions.

Kenya, Telkom Kenya