Taiwanese operators seeking fair price for 4G spectrum

22 Feb 2013

Taiwanese operators have called on the state to ensure that the pricing for fourth-generation wireless concessions – which are expected to be auctioned off later this year – is reasonable. Amid claims that telcos are struggling to make profit as revenue growth has lagged behind investment, the Taipei Times cited Shih Mu-piao, chief technology official of Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), as saying: ‘We hope the 4G licenses will not be as expensive as the ones for 3G licenses were.’

Meanwhile, issues regarding the timeframe for actually allocating LTE-suitable spectrum remain, with it understood that those companies that do acquire a concession could be forced to wait to begin network construction until 2017, when the country’s existing 2G licences expire. With a view to limiting construction delays, both Vibo Telecom and Asia Pacific Telecom have reportedly suggested that the state looks to persuade existing 2G license holders to relinquish their frequencies before the expiry date to facilitate construction of 4G networks. National Communications Commission (NCC) vice-chairperson Yu Hsiao-cheng has confirmed that the regulator plans to discuss the issue with 2G license holders and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.