Osiptel set to standardise coverage reporting

22 Feb 2013

Peruvian regulator Osiptel has proposed new measures to improve wireless coverage and standardise reporting regarding network footprints. The new rules would require companies to provide at least 30% coverage of the provinces, districts and towns where they operate within the next year, increasing to 45% and 60% over the subsequent two years. The move follows customer complaints that they were purchasing services with the expectation that they would be able to make and receive calls only to find out that the chosen operator’s coverage was extremely limited. Osiptel said that the regulations would ensure that adequate information about the actual coverage of mobile and fixed wireless services is provided by operators. Osiptel added that fines would be issued to operators that breach these requirements of between 51 and 150 tax units, equivalent to PEN188,700 to PEN555,000 (USD71,559 to USD210,467).

Peru, Osiptel