Telstra reveals plans for LTE 900MHz, LTE-Advanced launches

21 Feb 2013

Australia’s Telstra has outlined what it terms ‘a comprehensive network strategy’, with the operator revealing plans to launch LTE services using a new frequency, and confirming its intention to introduce LTE-Advanced.

As part of its AUD1.2 billion (USD1.24 billion) wireless network investment strategy for the 2012/2013 period, Telstra’s COO Brendon Riley has confirmed that the operator will launch LTE over the 900MHz band to better cater for increased demand in regional areas. It was also revealed that Telstra is currently trialling LTE-Advanced with a view to introducing the technology later this year ‘in areas with heavy traffic demand over a greater distance’.

Alongside its LTE-related plans, Telstra has said it is trialling small cell networks as it seeks to expand network capacity in areas which are both busy and densely-populated, such as city centres and sporting stadiums. With work being carried out in partnership with Swedish vendor Ericsson, the Australian operator has suggested the deployment of small cell networks ‘can complement [its] existing network by targeting high traffic areas where it would be difficult to build additional large scale base stations’.

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