MegaFon reports meteoric progress for network repairs

19 Feb 2013

According to the Prime-Tass business news agency, cellular networks belonging to Russian mobile giant MegaFon that were damaged by a meteor shower near the city of Chelyabinsk in the Urals region last week, have now been fully repaired. MegaFon spokeswoman Yulia Dorokhina commented: ‘Communications have been restored; everything works normally’. Around 15% of the carrier’s base stations in the area were damaged by the meteorites, prompting the regulator to insist that MegaFon users be allowed to use emergency roaming, granting them access to the networks of other service providers.

Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov confirmed that over 297 residential buildings, twelve schools, and a number of industrial enterprises and public facilities were affected by the meteor shower in the region on Friday. The explosive blast shattered the windows of numerous buildings and injured over 500 people.

Russia, MegaFon