True launching corporate cloud services this year

13 Feb 2013

True Corp’s True Internet division will enter the corporate cloud computing services market this year through a partnership with Hatari Wireless and Cisco Systems, and aims to overtake Thailand’s leading provider in the segment, CS LoxInfo, according to Vasu Khunvasi, general manager of True Internet. Wichai Wanavit, chief executive of Hatari Wireless, quoted by the Bangkok Post, reports that True invested THB200 million (USD6.7 million) in installing Cisco’s network equipment to support cloud-based digital signage, a service which is typically offered at a flat monthly fee for companies adopting digital signage and information displays. The collaboration is expected to help True rapidly increase the number of corporate customers and capitalise on the country’s THB5 billion digital signage market, Mr Wichai said. True Internet expects revenue growth of 30%-35% to THB1.4 billion this year, while the ISP unit projects that the Thai corporate internet market will grow by 15%, up from around THB7.5 billion.

Thailand, Cisco Systems, True Corp