Telekom Slovenije ‘at top’ of privatisation list

12 Feb 2013

Telekom Slovenije is at the front of the queue in a list of Slovenian government holdings which are earmarked for privatisation soon, and is also the most attractive purchase prospect amongst the state investments which are set for divestment, according to a local analyst quoted in a report on The government is prepared to sell the entirety of its interest in several companies, including Telekom Slovenije, although a final plan is yet to be decided on. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, the government directly owns a 62.54% stake in Telekom Slovenije, while additional shares are held by state investment funds Slovenije Odskodninska Druzba (SOD, 4.25%) and Kapitalska Druzba (KAD including KS PPS, 5.59%). An international tender for 49.1% of directly and indirectly held Telekom shares was launched in August 2007, but despite shortlisting seven strategic bidders the government cancelled the sale in March 2008 after none could satisfy its expectations. Further attempts to sell smaller stakes of 10% and 1.49% in December 2008 and June 2009 respectively were also unsuccessful.

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