T-Mobile pours cold water on MVNO LTE chatter

11 Feb 2013

Ready SIM and Solavei, a pair of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that piggyback on T-Mobile USA’s network ,have told FierceWireless that they intend to start offering access to Long Term Evolution (LTE) services as soon as T-Mobile launches its 4G network later this year. Executives from the MVNOs told the website that they expect to make the jump to LTE in tandem with T-Mobile, although the would-be host has cast doubts over these plans, announcing: ‘T-Mobile has not made any commitments to MVNO partners regarding timing of when they may have access to T-Mobile’s LTE network, and not all partners may receive access’.

Emir Aboulhosn, senior vice president of business development for Ready SIM parent Roam Mobility, had previously revealed that ‘As a T-Mobile MVNO, we get access to all network enhancements and upgrades, [and] this means that when LTE is available we will offer it as well, simply because it’s there’. Solavei confirmed similar plans when quizzed on the same matter.

United States, T-Mobile US