VTR passes 150,000 mobile users

21 Jan 2013

Cableco VTR, part of US-backed Liberty Global Inc (LGI), has signed up more than 150,000 subscribers to its new wireless service, El Mercurio reports, citing the company’s CEO Guillermo Ponce. VTR launched its 3G network in May 2012, and had just under 50,000 users, of which 43,992 were data subscribers, by end-September 2012. Ponce noted that around 80% of sales were for smartphones and multimedia plans, with post-paid customers making up around 40% of its total user base. The official added that VTR expected to achieve a 5% market share within five years, trimming back previous estimates of a 10% market share within three to five years.

Chile, VTR