OUR calls for clarification on Digicel voicemail faults

21 Jan 2013

Jamaican watchdog the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has given Digicel Jamaica until 24 January to respond to customer complaints regarding failed connections through the cellco’s network. According to local news outlets, Digicel’s customers have reported that calls have been connected directly to voicemail, without registering a ring and charging the caller without giving them the option to terminate the call. The carrier described the difficulties as teething pains, following the introduction of a new system last month, adding that a technical team had been set up to tackle the problem. The OUR has ordered Digicel to clarify what measures are being taken to address the problem and what remedies are being offered to affected users. Further, the cellco will provide a time frame for the restoration of normal services, and set out plans to limit future occurrences.