CMT launches consultation on wholesale local loop pricing

21 Jan 2013

Spanish telecoms regulator the Comision del Mercado de las Telecomunicacinoes (CMT) has revealed that it is launching a consultation on a proposed revision of the pricing for wholesale access to the local loop. In a blog post the watchdog noted that under its proposals the cost of a full local loop unbundled (LLU) connection will rise to EUR8.60 (USD11.45) per month, up 3.4% compared to the current charge of EUR8.32 per month. Shared unbundled connections meanwhile are expected to fall to just EUR1.51 per month, representing a decline of 26.7% from the current EUR2.06 per month charge, while shared unbundled connections taken without a voice service will cost EUR8.60 per month, up from EUR8.32. In unveiling the plans, the CMT noted that the pricing proposals have been based on cost accounting of fixed line incumbent Telefonica in 2010, as well as a rising cost model prepared by an independent consultant. Following the publication of the proposals interested parties have been given 20 days to submit any feedback.