China mobile market continues to see strong growth

21 Jan 2013

China’s wireless market expanded to 1.11 billion users by the end of 2012, including 233.4 million 3G subscribers according to data released by the nation’s three mobile providers, increasing from 975.7 million total and 127.5 million 3G customers at end-December 2011. China Mobile recorded 710.3 million active wireless users at the end of December 2012, of which 87.9 million were 3G users, up by 9.3% and 71.7% year-on-year respectively. China Unicom meanwhile, claimed a total of 239.3 million users (19.6%) including 76.5 million 3G customers (91.0%) whilst China Telecom had 69.1 million 3G customers (90.3%) out of its 160.6 million-strong customer base (27.0%).