Kyivstar negotiating satellite TV tie-up while still waiting for IPTV licensing

18 Jan 2013

Ukraine’s largest mobile operator and fibre broadband provider Kyivstar’s president Igor Litovchenko says he is hopeful of receiving commercial IPTV licences from the broadcasting regulator the National Council for Television and Radio later this year, but in the meantime the Vimpelcom subsidiary is negotiating a deal with satellite TV provider Viasat to gain entry to the pay-TV and triple/quadruple-play markets, reports ProIT. With Kyivstar having already waited several years for IPTV licensing, Litovchenko said that the company cannot afford to remain inactive any longer, and a deal with Viasat would rapidly enable it to provide mobile, broadband and pay-TV packages, hopefully introducing IPTV as a commercial option soon. While a series of regional IPTV-specific licences have been handed out to small-to-medium sized operators recently, Kyivstar has been unable to expand its previous trial launches of IPTV into a full-blown commercial service. Similarly, incumbent national PSTN operator Ukrtelecom has so far been denied an IPTV licence. Kyivstar says it is unaware of the exact reasoning behind the withholding of concessions by the broadcasting watchdog.

Ukraine, Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom (incl. TriMob)