Sercomtel to offload TV business

8 Jan 2013

Brazilian regional telecoms service provider Sercomtel, which is based in the city of Londrina in Parana state, has published details of its plan to sell off its entire corporate rights (i.e. common and preferred shares) in the company’s cable TV businesses – Adatel TV e Comunicacoes Osasco and Adatel TV e Comunicacoes Sao Jose – Telecompaper reports, citing Sercomtel director Sergio Milani as saying. It is understood that the carrier will use the proceeds of the sale to fund the expansion of its telecoms-based services in Parana. The operator has set a reserve price of BRL18.17 million (USD8.95 million) on Adatel TV e Comunicacoes Osasco, and a figure of BRL2.74 million on Adatel TV e Comunicacoes Sao Jose, noting that it plans to sell them off separately. The notice of sale (published on 7 January 2013) adds that Adatel Osasco has 10,400 cable TV subscribers and 12,100 internet users on its books, while Adatel Sao Jose has around 8,400 cable TV customers and 8,997 internet subscribers.

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