HAKOM reports progress of T-HT’s IMS migration

8 Jan 2013

The Croatian Postal & Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM) has reported on the progress of incumbent T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) in migrating its customers from a traditional PSTN-based platform to its IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform. As part of the process of facilitating the eventual shutdown of legacy local PSTN exchanges, T-HT stopped selling new ISDN BRA connections to residential customers in June 2011 and to enterprise customers from 15 July 2012, and it has begun a gradual migration of existing users of ISDN BRA services to alternative solutions, HAKOM noted. T-HT is currently implementing a pilot project to shut down the local PSTN exchange in the Precko district of Zagreb, which is scheduled to take effect on 31 March 2013. T-HT’s wider plan is to migrate all end-users to the IMS platform in 2015, and shut down all legacy local exchanges by the end of that year, completing its transformation to an all-IP next generation network (NGN) operator, offering converged services.