NTA close to announcing new regulatory framework for NGN

3 Jan 2013

National telecoms regulator the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is preparing a regulatory framework to facilitate the migration from conventional switched PSTN networks to a next generation network (NGN) platform. The NTA has set up a team to study the implementation of NGN in the networks in the country, with assistant director Bijay Kumar Roy on record as saying that the study is almost complete. The NTA official adds that the new regulatory framework is designed to assess the technical and regulatory aspects of a phased migration, and will also provide guidelines to develop the necessary human resource skills to deal with the shift from legacy platforms in the country. However, he conceded that the actual deployment of NGN networks in Nepal is very much in the preliminary stage noting: ‘Different regulatory aspects, as well as concerns of operators also have to be studied before the full deployment of NGN.’ It is understood that a separate NGN regulatory framework is urgently needed, given that Nepal’s incumbent operators are currently in the throes of purchasing equipment as part of their upgrade plans.