Huawei bags Guinean backbone contract, Sotelgui rescue plans ongoing

3 Jan 2013

Guinea’s telecoms minister, Oye Guilavogui, has secured a USD350 million loan from the Chinese government for the construction of a 4,000km national fibre optic backbone project, news portal Guinea Conakry Info reports. The contract for the rollout of the fibre was won by China’s Huawei following an international tender, the vendor having entered the lowest bid of USD238 million.

Meanwhile, in a separate but related story, Guilavogui said that following a strategic audit, the government and the management of incumbent operator Societe des Telecoms de Guinee (Sotelgui) were in the process of hiring two consultants to prepare plans to restructure Sotelgui to limit the telco’s deteriorating finances. In addition, the government will continue to seek a new strategic partner in the company.

Guinea, Huawei Technologies, Societe des Telecoms de Guinee (Sotelgui)