100Mbps for 100 cities: TD meets LTE goal

21 Dec 2012

Telekom Deutschland (TD), the domestic fixed and mobile division of German telecoms company Deutsche Telekom (DT), has fulfilled its promise to roll out Long Term Evolution (LTE) services to Germany’s 100 largest cities by the end of the year. After connecting around 1,000 rural areas to its 800MHz LTE network in 2010, TD first brought LTE to the city in July 2011, when it launched a 4G network operating in the 1800MHz band in Cologne. Commercial 1800MHz services were made available in Frankfurt in February 2012, followed shortly by Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Berlin, Mainz, Bremen, Hanau, Heidelberg, Bochum and Stuttgart, among others, giving subscribers access to maximum download speeds of 100Mbps. In addition, TD offers download speeds of up to 42.2Mbps across its entire UMTS network, reaching around 87% of Germany’s population, while more than ten million customers in rural regions are able to enjoy mobile broadband at speeds of up to 50Mbps through LTE 800.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland