RACSA launches VOD service

20 Dec 2012

State backed internet service provider (ISP) Radiografica Costarricense (RACSA) has launched an over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD) service, dubbed ‘One Play’, the Tico Times reports. The service offers access to a library of 3,000 movies and TV series as well as options for music and interaction with social media networks. The new service costs USD7.5 per month, with a month of free access for new customers: RACSA is expecting to attract some 50,000 users with One Play plans by the end of 2013.

Orlando Cascante, RACSA’s manager, said that the company will keep the title catalogue updated, adding that: ‘users will be able to view content from any device: computers, tablets, phones and TVs. We also plan to add other services such as online apps and high-definition television’.

Costa Rica, Radiografica Costarricense (RACSA)