DT submits application for vectoring to regulator

20 Dec 2012

German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom (DT) has submitted an application to the Federal Network Agency (FNA) for permission to introduce vectoring technology, which enables bandwidth to be doubled to up to 100Mbps by cancelling interference between lines. DT said that with the application, it is aiming to establish legal certainty for all market participants as soon as possible, so that it can begin expansion quickly. In its application, the Bonn-based telco has made concessions to its competitors, which include enabling other operators to deploy vectoring at the cable distribution boxes that they have already connected using fibre-optics, with a prerequisite being that they – like DT – allow other companies to use the new connections (open access). DT proposes making a bitstream connection for vectoring available as a wholesale product, enabling its competitors to offer their customers double bandwidths. ‘However, we also expect such an offer from alternative network operators. Otherwise there is a real threat of a monopoly – albeit a regional monopoly by competitors,’ commented Niek Jan van Damme, member of the DT Board of Management for Germany. ‘Only with vectoring can millions of households be provided with fast and efficient high-performance connections in the fixed network. We must take this opportunity for better networking of society in Germany, and that’s why we have now seized the initiative with our application,’ he added. Earlier this month DT announced that it would seek to invest up to EUR6 billion (USD7.9 billion) in developing broadband using fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) and vectoring in its domestic market to boost maximum VDSL download speeds from 50Mbps to 100Mbps.