FCC: DISH must roll out 40% of its LTE network in four years

19 Dec 2012

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered DISH Network to cover at least 40% of the population in areas covered by its AWS-4 spectrum (formerly known as Mobile Satellite Spectrum [MSS]) within the next four years, or face penalties. Fierce Wireless reports the FCC as saying too that DISH must cover at least 70% of that population within seven years. Satellite TV provider turned aspirant wireless player DISH plans to build an Long Term Evolution (LTE)-Advanced network with its 40MHz allocation of spectrum in the 2GHz band.

Last week the FCC’s five commissioners voted unanimously to approve DISH’s plans to deploy a terrestrial network with the spectrum, which it acquired as part of deals for bankrupt satellite smartphone operator TerreStar (July 2011) and hybrid satellite and communications company DBSD North America (February 2011).