Telkom Indonesia to deploy 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

11 Dec 2012

Telkom Indonesia has revealed an ambitious plan to deploy a massive Wi-Fi network with 100,000 points of access across Indonesia. In what will be the largest deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots by a single telecoms provider in Asia, Telkom Indonesia will work with Cisco to design and install a network capable of handling high volumes of internet data serving malls, schools, hotels and public areas, and in so doing relieve its cellular networks and allow for greater internet capacity there.

The carrier has spent a large part of this year kicking off the Wi-Fi rollout, installing thousands of hotspots across the country ahead of an anticipated surge in mobile traffic in the coming years. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts that mobile data traffic in the country is expected to grow 32-fold between 2011 and 2016, with an average per user consumption at 716MB of mobile data traffic per month in 2016, compared with just 30MB per month in 2011. In the first phase, the company is rolling out points of access to reduce potential network congestion in overpopulated and high-volume 3G data traffic areas in malls and airports. Ultimately, Telkom envisions deploying one million Wi-Fi access points across the country.

Indonesia, Cisco Systems, Telkom Indonesia