ACMA issues consultation on 1800MHz band plans

10 Dec 2012

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has launched a consultation on its plans for the development of a spectrum management strategy for the 1800MHz band. The regulator has invited comments from interested stakeholders on the plans, which are ‘intended to address increasing demand for access to spectrum in the 1800MHz band from various industry sectors and provide suitable short- and long-term arrangements’.

Having issued a paper on a strategy plan for the 1800MHz band back in October 2012, the following month the ACMA held a stakeholder workshop regarding the matter at its Sydney office. In the latest development the regulator has issued the first of three papers, which examines regional and remote apparatus licences in the 1800MHz band, with the regulator noting: ‘The purpose of this paper is to set out the ACMA’s proposed changes to current regulatory and licensing arrangements to allow mobile services to operate under public telecommunications services (PTS) apparatus licences in the 1800MHz band in regional and remote areas of Australia. The proposed changes are temporary and will be in place until long-term planning for the band is completed and implemented.’

Two further discussion papers are expected to be released covering: the possible future expansion of spectrum licensing arrangements in regional and remote areas (paper 2); and the proposal to develop arrangements to encourage greater spectrum sharing within and between industries (paper 3). No date for the publication of the papers has, however, been announced.