Liberian court gives Libercell 15 days to settle unpaid fees

7 Dec 2012

Monrovia-based paper The News reports that the Tax Court has given domestic mobile operator Atlantic Wireless Liberia (Libercell) a 15-day ultimatum to pay all unpaid taxes and licence fees owed to the government. Judge Eva Mappy Morgan ordered the cellco to pay the USD734,963 it owes, in the wake of a Supreme Court mandate on the matter, and also ordered Libercell’s management to pay additional clerk fees – which are to be determined – before 21 December 2012. The GSM operator was recently shut down by the Tax Court concerning non-payment of tax obligations and fees owed to the state, but failed to comply with the ruling to pay up despite agreeing to make payment by instalment between April 2012 and January 2013. However, the ultimatum issued this week will mean the closure will remain in force until Libercell makes full settlement on the monies owed.