Menatelecom investing in nationwide LTE rollout

6 Dec 2012

Bahraini WiMAX-based broadband operator Menatelecom’s board of directors has approved a planned investment in a nationwide Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. Menatelecom’s chairman Abdul Razak Jawahery, quoted by AmeInfo, announced that the company would ‘shortly’ finalise its choice of technology vendor for the LTE network, which would allow it to ‘provide both consumers and enterprise customers the fastest mobile broadband speeds ever experienced in the Kingdom of Bahrain at over 80Mbps’ as well as ‘superior voice services across the Kingdom’. In November 2008 Menatelecom launched commercial WiMAX-based wireless broadband voice and data services across Bahrain, after a rollout which it claimed as the world’s first nationwide WiMAX 802.16e end-to-end network, a feat it intends to repeat with LTE, as its chairman claimed it ‘will be the first company in the world to launch a nationwide 4G LTE network.’ In September 2011 Menatelecom announced reaching 70,000 WiMAX subscribers, and in late-October 2012 it signed up its 80,000th WiMAX customer, almost exactly four years after launch.

Bahrain, Mena Telecom (Menatelecom)