18 December TDD/FDD LTE launch date for China Mobile Hong Kong

5 Dec 2012

China Mobile Hong Kong has set a new date of 18 December 2012 to launch commercial operations of a dual mode FDD/TDD LTE network to augment its existing FDD-LTE 4G services, according to industry sources quoted by the China Daily newspaper. On 25 September CommsUpdate reported that ZTE, one of the two vendors contracted to roll out dual-mode TDD/FDD LTE infrastructure for China Mobile Hong Kong, revealed it had deployed TDD components of the 4G network, which was launched commercially in FDD mode in April 2012. In July China Mobile Hong Kong awarded Ericsson and ZTE contracts to expand the capacity and coverage of its 4G network by deploying LTE-TDD (TD-LTE) technology to augment its existing FDD-based LTE platform, aiming for dual-mode coverage of over 70% of the territory, and with commercial TDD/FDD LTE services expected by the end of the year once devices supporting both modes were ‘sufficiently available’.