RTG urges FCC to impose spectrum caps on companies

30 Nov 2012

The Rural Telecommunications Group (RTG) has reportedly filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommending that the watchdog sets firm limits on the amount of spectrum a single company can own, with that capped amount varying by spectrum band. RCR Wireless reports that the filing was in response to a request by the FCC in regards to future spectrum management. With that in mind, the RTG is asking that regulators limit licensees to 25% of all ‘available and usable mobile broadband spectrum in any given county, with no carrier permitted to hold more than 40% of all available and usable spectrum in any given county below 1GHz’.

The group has also asked that if accepted, the FCC require that companies currently holding in excess of the provision be given 18 months to divest the required spectrum holdings, or be allowed to keep those licences if they agree to provide data roaming access, offer fully interoperable mobile devices, and ensure that smaller operators have access to all devices at the same time that they are available to customers of tier-one carriers. The RTG noted: ‘This combination of divestitures and grandfathering will help ensure that the benefits of the proposed spectrum aggregation limits are experienced by consumers both immediately and in the future’.