NTA reports falling fixed line base; mobile subs up to 15.81m

29 Nov 2012

According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority’s (NTA’s) latest market report, the total number of fixed lines in the country fell to 836,825 at mid-September 2012, from 839,067 a month earlier. In its Management Information System (MIS) Report for the month ended 14 September, the watchdog said that Nepal was home to 635,703 PSTN and 201,122 wireless in the local loop (WiLL) connections. State-owned incumbent PTO Nepal Telecom (NT) reported a total of 629,906 PSTN lines up 105 on the month of August, while STM Telecom’s base edged up from 5,197 to 5,199. Further Smart Telecom reported 598 PSTN-based public phone booths (broadly unchanged on mid-August). NT also reported 126,740 WiLL customers, down from 129,126 in August, United Telecom Limited’s (UTL’s) service reported 71,432 WiLL subscribers (71,395), and Nepal Satellite Telecom (NST) had 2,950 (unchanged). The NTA also reported expansion in the number of people taking limited mobility subscriptions. The total rose from 1.14 million to 1.15 million in the period under review, with UTL reporting 582,205 users, Smart Telecom with 418,847, NST with 146,758 and STM with 155. The NTA’s MIS Report also counted 1,742 Global Mobile Personal Communications (GMPCS) users in the country.

In the mobile market segment, the NTA noted that the total number of subscribers stood at 15.81 million at 14 September 2012, compared to 15.63 million in mid-August. The overwhelming majority, 14.98 million are GSM users to either Spice Nepal Private (Ncell) or NT. The former had 8.60 million GSM customers at mid-September up from 8.49 million, ahead of NT with 6.37 million (6.30 million). In addition, NT counted 832,864 CDMA Sky Phone users, up from 830,172.