Solomon Islands govt taps CBO for Honiara WiMAX rollout

27 Nov 2012

Australian networking company CBO Telecommunications has been awarded a contract worth AUD3.25 million (USD3.40 million) for what has been termed ‘the largest ICT project ever undertaken by the Solomon Islands government’. As such, the company has been tasked with building a Metro Area Network (MAN) as a single-use network for public sector agencies. Working with local Solomon Islands’ partner Satsol, as well as Cambium Networks, Opengear and APC, CBO will build the network using high performance point-to-point OFDM links, and point-to-multipoint using the WiMAX protocol which will connect over 80 locations. Smith Iniakwala, director of ICT support, commented: ‘The government network project is the largest ICT project that the Solomon Islands has ever undertaken. It will allow [us] to deliver a uniform set of ICT services to all 26 ministries in more than 80 locations across the capital Honiara’.

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