NCC details minimum/maximum spectrum allocations for 4G auction

27 Nov 2012

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has reportedly outlined the makeup of the spectrum blocks it plans to offer as part of its 4G spectrum auction. According to the China Post, the regulator has revealed that the smallest spectrum block that will be made available will offer 2×15MHz, an amount which Alison Kao, a public relations manager at local multiservice operator Far EasTone, was cited as saying would effectively prevent opportunists from taking advantage of the sale process. In addition to unveiling the basic bidding unit for the auction, the NCC has also stipulated a cap of 2×35MHz, preventing any single entity from winning frequencies in excess of that amount. The report, however, claims that the NCC has also said that after the auction is concluded winning bidders will be permitted to transfer 2×5MHz blocks to other operators.

The NCC expects to award between four and eight operating licences once the auction is concluded, with each valid for 17 years. Under the terms of the concessions it has been noted that winning bidders will be required to ensure that 80% of their base stations are capable of transmitting downlink speeds of 100Mbps. The sale itself is expected to be completed between October and November 2013.