CallPlus boasts improved LLU footprint

27 Nov 2012

CallPlus, New Zealand’s fourth largest broadband provider by subscribers, has announced that it has deployed the largest unbundled local loop (ULL) network in the country, encompassing over 150 exchanges nationwide and reaching 900,000 households. Going forward, the network will be used by twin CallPlus retail brands, ‘Slingshot’ and ‘Flip’, to provide residential voice and broadband services to end-users. Mark Callander, CEO of CallPlus, commented: ‘Our plan is to extend the reach of our ‘Better Network’ to a further 350,000 homes throughout the country by unbundling an additional 150 exchanges and roadside cabinets with VDSL2 capability. A significant portion of this investment will be non-urban areas that are currently under served with little real choice in terms of telecommunication services. While the economics are not as good as the initial roll out, there will be significant benefits in making our New Zealand developed voice platform available to as many homes as possible’.

New Zealand, CallPlus