New fixed telephony licensing conditions adopted by regulator

26 Nov 2012

Ukraine’s National Commission for Communications and Information Regulation (NCCIR, or NKRZI) has adopted new licensing conditions for fixed telephony, aimed primarily at strengthening consumer protection, the regulator announced following its regular meeting of 22 November 2012. Under the proposed new licensing conditions an operator will no longer be able to unilaterally terminate interconnection with another telecoms network unless the NKRZI decides it can do so. Rules have also been added so that an operator may be obliged to offer certain public telephony services with rates regulated by the state. In addition, certain licence application procedures have been simplified, and details of an operating activity registry specified to lay the foundation for a future transition to a registration framework to replace a full licensing regime (for telecoms services not requiring frequency resources), in the mould of European Union markets. The new licensing terms will be published on the NKRZI website for public discussion.