Emcali to launch IPTV in 2013

26 Nov 2012

State-owned utilities provider Empresas Municipales de Cali (Emcali) will begin offering IPTV services in Cali in January 2013, NexTV reports. At launch, 30% of the city will have access to the new service, which will be offered in triple-play bundles alongside broadband and fixed telephony. The package will include 150 channels, 30 of which will be in high definition (HD), and unlimited internet access.

Emcali received its licence in July this year and has begun upgrading its network, a spokesperson for the telco said: ‘We are replacing our traditional structures with some other more intelligent optic-fibre-interconnected ones.’ The first areas to receive the service will be San Fernando, El Penon, La Flora, Tequendama and Versalles and will be available city-wide by end-2013.

Colombia, Empresas Municipales de Cali (EMCALI)