Internode unveils ‘Fibre Phone’ service

23 Nov 2012

Alternative Australian broadband provider Internode, which is now a subsidiary of former rival iiNet, has announced the launch of a new fixed voice service over the National Broadband Network (NBN). Launched after an ‘extensive’ customer trial, Internode claims that its ‘Fibre Phone’ service ‘combines the best features of traditional landline phone services’. It has said that the Fibre Phone port on the NBN Network Termination Unit is ‘essentially a built-in analogue telephone adapter, with battery backup’, and claims that it will allow or the delivery of traditional PSTN-type phone services after the copper line telephone network is decommissioned.

The Fibre Phone service costs AUD29.95 (USD31.09) per month, while customers ordering the fixed voice product with an Internode NBN broadband connection will receive an AUD10 per month discount on the latter. Customers are also able to transfer their existing phone number to the service, although this is subject to an AUD29.95 transfer fee.

Commenting on the new service, Internode’s product manager Jim Kellett said: ‘Some folk want just a Plain Old Telephone Service, the same as they’ve always had, so now we can provide them with that service … From the customer’s perspective it’s exactly the same as a regular landline. They just plug in their existing phone handset and start to make calls.’

Australia, Internode