Bezeq board approves deal to offer wholesale fixed access to Partner

23 Nov 2012

Israeli fixed line incumbent Bezeq is set to offer its competitors access to its fixed line infrastructure in return for which it hopes to gain licence concessions from the Ministry of Communications (MoC). According to Bloomberg, Bezeq’s board of directors has approved a deal under which it will lease its fixed line infrastructure to mobile network operator Partner Communications, in a move which will allow the latter to offer bundled services including internet, voice and pay-TV. Partner, however, reportedly declined to comment on when a final deal would be reached or when it would actually offer TV over Bezeq’s network, though an unnamed Bezeq spokesman was cited by Reuters as suggesting such a development would likely take place in 2013.

It is understood that Bezeq is also conducting negotiations regarding similar arrangements with mobile market leader by subscribers Cellcom. In return, it has been claimed that Bezeq is looking for the MoC to relax restrictions on its licence in order to allow it to both increase its stake in satellite TV provider YES and also to provide bundled packages to consumers consisting of fixed and wireless voice, broadband and pay-TV.