ACCC launches consultation on Telstra’s NBN migration measures

23 Nov 2012

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has published a discussion paper in which it invites submissions regarding four measures developed by fixed line incumbent Telstra as part of its plans to migrate customers to the National Broadband Network (NBN). In announcing the paper, the regulator noted that the measures in question are ‘intended to provide appropriate protections to consumers and competition during the migration from Telstra’s copper and HFC networks to the NBN’.

Telstra was required to develop the measures because it did not have fully formed processes in place at the time it lodged its migration plan, and the ACCC must now decide whether to approve the company’s proposals. Three of the measures are understood to relate to the circumstances under which Telstra will build copper paths to supply services that are not yet available over the NBN, and also the processes it will follow when disconnecting services from its existing networks; disconnections are due to take place in 18 months after NBN Co, the public-private company overseeing the construction of the fibre network, declares each region ‘ready for service’. The discussion paper however focuses mainly on the measure related to Telstra’s NBN Co Information Security Plan, which details how the incumbent intends to secure confidential information provided to it by NBN Co under the Definitive Agreements. This measure, the ACCC noted, is particularly important in ensuring that Telstra does not ‘obtain an unfair commercial advantage from information sourced from NBN Co under those agreements’.

The closing date for submissions has been set as 14 December 2012.