Saima Telecom selects DiViNetworks for additional international capacity

21 Nov 2012

Kyrgyz telecoms operator Saima Telecom has chosen DiViNetworks as an additional IP capacity provider to satisfy the growing demand for bandwidth in Kyrgyzstan. The vendor’s DiViCloud service is a global network delivering data capacity to any location worldwide, with zero initial investment. Being a virtual network, DiViNetworks claims that its solution can operate on top of any combination of links and carriers, and can therefore serve any internet service provider (ISP) globally. The virtual capacity is additive to the physical bandwidth provided to Saima by Kazakh Telecom. ‘The price pressure combined with the growing demand for bandwidth requires us to find non-traditional ways to gain affordable capacity,’ said Ruslan Burangulov, CEO of Saima Telecom, adding: ‘DiViNetworks’ IP capacity is an affordable equivalent to traditional bandwidth, and perfectly satisfies our need.’

Kyrgyzstan, Saima Telecom