Orange teams up with Altobridge to connect remote communities

14 Nov 2012

Wireless network solutions provider Altobridge has announced that it has completed the first phase of mobile connectivity deployments for Orange Niger in remote regions of Niger to communities previously underserved by any form of telecoms service. Over 50 off-grid village communities have been connected across Niger so far, allowing an average of 1,200 people in each location to benefit from mobile telecoms services for the first time. In such remote areas, network connection was previously limited due to the impracticality of terrestrial backhaul, the cost of fuel transportation and the high costs of deploying traditional tower structures. As such, connectivity to the Orange Niger network at each location is provided via solar-powered radio base stations, each with advanced satellite backhaul optimisation technology built-in. ‘What Orange Niger has achieved shows just what can be accomplished by combining advanced communications technology with green-energy to deliver affordable mobile connectivity to some of the world’s most remote communities,’ commented Marc Ricau, country director for Orange’s Africa and the Middle East division, adding: ‘Mobile communications brings services and growth to these communities who previously had no other option but to travel huge distances to simply make a phone call. Using renewable, low-cost energy sources to address this issue is a key part of our corporate environmental policy.’