Huawei deploying 100G WDM network for Unitel

14 Nov 2012

Huawei Technologies of China has been contracted to deploy what it claims will be Africa’s first 100Gbps WDM network for Angolan cellular operator Unitel. Huawei is providing its 100G ASON solution, which it says offers ‘mature coherent detection technology achieving a future-proof capacity of up to 8Tbps per fibre over an ultra-long reach.’ The ASON system also provides ‘resilient protection against multiple fibre cuts [said to be a particular problem in areas of rapid urban construction] and thus significantly enhances network reliability,’ according to a press release, which adds that Huawei-developed 100G OTN technology ‘drastically’ enhances network efficiency and flexibility, by virtue of its support for multi-service access, multiplexing, and cross-connections.

Jack Wang, president of Huawei’s transport product line, said: ‘Huawei is about to use the cutting-edge 100G technology to link the African continent together… Huawei hopes that it can make its own contribution to the take-off of the African economy.’ This week France-based Alcatel-Lucent also revealed it was deploying a 100G network for Angola Cables, a fibre capacity consortium in which Unitel is a shareholder.

Angola, Huawei Technologies, Unitel (Angola)